Create your own Biowall with Our High Quality Vertical Planters

  • Living green walls are a surefire way to enhance a building’s visuals, improve air quality as well as employee alertness and energy levels.

  • Living green walls (also commonly referred to as vertical gardens or living walls) are a wonderful solution for any property interested in improving their space with intrinsic benefits of nature.

  • The Biowall leverages the natural ability of plants to filtrate the air, but there are other solutions to indoor air quality (IAQ) problems. The obvious one is to bring clean air from outside and use the HVAC system to perform the air exchange.

  • By using the Biowall, the building is simply recycling the air, so less heating or cooling is needed. Therefore, the building saves up to 25% in HVAC energy use.

  • The filtration properties of the Biowall reduce the contaminants present in the air and therefore, help reduce sick building syndrome.

  • The Goal of the Biowall is to comply with the basic objectives of sustainability: improve indoor air quality, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments.

  • Sustainability means living well within the ecological limits of a finite planet. Concepts such as life cycle thinking, industrial ecology and sustainable engineering are important elements for our team, as well as avoid shifting problems from one area to another.

  • One of the lesser known benefits of bio walls, the structures can reduce noise levels in buildings. Plants have been used, throughout the world, to reduce noise along roads and highways. Living green walls expand on this concept as vegetation ‘naturally’ blocks high frequency sounds while the supporting structure can help to diminish low frequency noise.